We are a pillar of the Slovak cement industry

The Association of Slovak Cement Producers ZVC (ASCP) represents three producers of cement and clinker which significantly contribute to the top quality of cement-containing Slovak building materials. Our mission is to continuously focus on the quality of cement-containing building materials and to actively raise awareness among specialists as well as the public about the advantages of using cement-containing building materials in residential construction and road infrastructure.

As an independent association of businesses, we serve the important role of jointly facilitating the whole industry. Information exchange and mutual connection is the fundamental basis for the wide scope of activities of the association, whose main goal is to secure sustainable development.

We promote the building materials industry, which is based on the principles of sustainability, environmental protection (including climate protection) with an emphasis on quality waste and energy production management in the cement industry.

We cooperate with the representatives of state authorities and municipalities, the third sector as well as inhabitants to ensure that the regulated environment that we create supports the long-term goals of cement industry development in Slovakia while securing sustainable jobs, thus providing the economical contribution of our business towards the local communities.


Members of the ZVC (ASCP) are substantial investors with a positive impact on the development of local communities, the local economy as well as the national economy. Our mutual goal is to focus on quality, maintain the dialogue, promote a responsible approach towards the environment and cooperate with the local communities where we are located.


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